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Parents, we need your support in ensuring your child's educational success! Join us in recognizing the importance of regular attendance. By prioritizing your child's attendance and encouraging them to show up consistently, you are giving them the opportunity to unlock their full potential. 

In Spring Branch ISD, we are deeply aware of the significance of every day in a child's education. We believe that by demonstrating consistent attendance, every minute and every day, your child has the power to unlock their full potential and reach their T-2-4 goals. That is precisely why we are excited to launch, Every Day Counts!, which will highlight the importance of school attendance. 

Building consistent attendance habits will pay off not only in your child's academic performance but also in their future success. Research shows that consistent attendance is critical to achieving and maintaining on-grade level performance, as well as achieving educational goals. In fact, missing as little as 18 days of school within a year can lead to lower test scores and hinder your child's chances of advancing successfully to the next grade.

The research affirms attending school every day possible:

  • helps kids stay on track and maintain momentum,
  • promotes student learning and increases chances of graduation,
  • helps kids feel better about school and themselves,
  • improves mental health through socializing, developing friendships, building empathy and forming lasting relationships with peers; and
  • allows for a learning experience focused on Each Child’s needs to keep students from falling behind.

By as early as sixth grade, chronic absenteeism can become a red flag that suggests a higher risk of dropping out of high school. By fostering positive attendance habits early on, you can set your child on the path to academic excellence. Prioritizing attendance will help your child reach their full potential, both in the short and long term. 

Help us spread the message of the importance of attendance in SBISD. Join us and pledge to prioritize consistent attendance. Share the message with your friends, family, and community that by showing up every day, we are equipping our students for a brighter future. Together, let's make every day count for our students' success!