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In a display of creativity and collaboration, students from Spring Branch ISD (SBISD) schools recently gathered at the Galveston Sandcastle Competition. Teams from Northbrook High School, Landrum Middle School, Spring Forest Middle School and Westchester Academy united their talents to sculpt masterpieces from the sandy shores.

Despite grappling with challenges like unfamiliar tools and the complexities of sandcastle physics, student participants showcased resilience and collaboration—a testament to SBISD's dedication to fostering the Core Characteristics of a T-2-4 Ready Graduate.

Kelly Mundo of Northbrook High School hailed the experience as the "best field trip ever," while Destiny Mata expressed the joy of collaborative work on their turtle sculpture.

Acknowledging the valuable lessons in communication and teamwork gleaned from the competition, students from Landrum Middle School, including Fatima Gallegos and Chris Argueta, emphasized the practical skills honed through their sandcastle endeavors.

“Communication is key! I had fun working with new people,” said Fatima.

The pinnacle of the event was the awards ceremony, where Ms. Hohan's Northbrook High School's class claimed the prestigious Golden Shovel for their exquisite sea turtle sculpture adorned with seashell accents.

Beyond the accolades, the Galveston Sandcastle Competition served as an example of SBISD educators’ dedication to nurturing collaboration and creativity beyond traditional classroom settings. The day provided participants with a valuable learning experience, where essential skills such as teamwork, communication and adaptability were cultivated amidst the sun and surf.

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Congratulations to all our student artist!

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🏖️🎨 Students rocked the Galveston Sandcastle Comp! Teamwork, communication—Core Characteristics of a T-2-4 Grad—on full display! Props to Kelly, Destiny, and Fatima! 🙌 Northbrook HS took home the Golden Shovel. 🐢 It's all about SBISD's commitment to collaboration & creativity. Congrats, artists! 🌊 #SBISDProud