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WAIS Alumni Rania Dali

She also appreciates the international aspect of the IB program – in fact, she said it prepared her well for an internship with the Organization of Community Advocates, a national civil rights organization of community advocates dedicated to advancing the social, political, and economic well-being of Asian Pacific Americans.

Senior Austin Armstrong Finds Leaving WAIS Like Leaving Home

“I’m very invested in Westchester,” Austin said. “I don’t think I’ve fully processed (that I’m leaving) yet.” He will major in computer engineering at Texas A&M in the fall. A good student, he was automatically admitted to both UT-Austin and Texas A&M, but scholarship offers tipped the scales in favor of the Aggies.

Six WAIS alumni, Kimberly Acosta, Jasmine Anderson, Kenya Coffman, Yamiletz Lucio, Eunice Martinez, and Melissa Vicente, alongside nearly 40 other SBISD graduates participated in the EMERGE program announced College and University decisions.