IB Career-related Programme

Students entering grade 11 may choose to participate in the IB CP at WAIS. WAIS is an authorized IB World School for the CP, since June of 2014.

The IB Career-related Programme takes place during the students last two years in upper school. It encompasses a reduced set of IB Diploma-level work in hand with vocational courses alongside the IB CP Core.

Career-related Programme

  • 2 or more IB Diploma Programme courses of choice
  • Career-related Studies  - 25% to 50% of the student's schedule
  • Core Requirements
    • Personal and Professional Skills (PPS) Course – 2nd semester junior year and 1st semester of senior year
    • Reflective Project - external research project focusing on an ethical issue 
    • Service Learning Portfolio of 50 or more hours
    • Language Development Portfolio to documenting 50 or more hours of language study

The IBCP enables students to:

  • Develop a broad range of career-related competencies and to deepen their understanding in general areas of knowledge
  • Prepare for effective participation in an ever-changing world of work
  • Foster the attributes of the learner profile allowing students to become true lifelong learners willing to consider new perspectives
  • Engage in learning that makes a positive difference to future lives
  • Become a self confident person ready for life in the 21st century.

CP Documents:
- WAIS Technology Courses
- WAIS Tech 5-Year Plan
- Guthrie Center Course Catalog
- First Cohort of Teachers
- First Cohort of Students
- Coordinator Job Description
- WAIS Lottery Application
- WAIS Lottery Assurances
- Family/School Commitment
- School Brochure

IB CP Coordinator

Sara Sebesta-Camano