Instruction is based on an integration of the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) and the MYP Objectives. Each subject group has a set guideline of target performance/ability by the end of 10th grade (MYP Level 5) called Prescribed Minimums. WAIS developed prescribed minimums for each grade level 6-9 in order to meet the 10th grade expectations. Also, students receive traditional % scores and an IB Achievement Level on unit work. MYP Achievement Levels reflect a student's demonstration of a MYP subject group objective(s). Students receive a Criterion Rubric that scaffolds demonstration of achievement based on a summative task. Achievement Levels are based on a scale of 0-8. Criterion  rubrics  are developed by IB and teachers often translate them into a task specific rubric honoring the intent of the IB Criterion.


Strengthening Learners To Be Designers and Contributors To A Dynamic, Intercultural Community.


WAIS Graduates Will Have The Ability And Confidence To Be

  • Critical and Creative Problem Solvers
  • Compassionate Communicators
  • Ethical Decision Makers
  • Globally Self Aware

WAIS Grading Scales Conversion for Achievement Levels in MYP

This is a one-way conversion. IB scores may be converted into traditional grades, but not the other direction. IB style assessments follow specific sets of criteria. IB summative grades must be scored by these measures directly. The IB score can be converted to a percentage grade to be included into traditional grades used for SBISD and Texas. However, a percentage grade for SBISD or Texas may NOT be converted into an IB score.

     0-8 Scale       
8      100
7       93
6       88
5       82
4       77
3       71
2       65
1       60
0*      50*

*This means the work cannot be scored using the criteria given
and that the student put forth valid effort on the submitted work.
If no work is turned in, then a traditional 0% grade would be given.